Comfort of Home

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Alfa Dental brings a welcome feeling of home into dentistry. We care about our patients: our office is designed with comfort in mind, offering a minimalist aesthetic of dark mahogany wood, comfortable seating, complimentary beverages, a clean bathroom, and a flat screen T.V. in the waiting room. 

Another important part of feeling at home is speaking the language you are most comfortable with. Our diverse patients are an important part of the Alfa Dental family, and so we are a proud multilingual office, happy to welcome Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian-speaking patients. 

Personalized Customization

To perform procedures such as crowns and veneers, dental clinics must outsource fabrication of materials to laboratories, which often process long queues that take weeks (if not months) to deliver. Our on-premise laboratory, Ark Dental Lab®, eliminates the lag in this process, giving our patients greater transparency and oversight into their treatments. Quality FDA-approved materials. For crowns, bridges, veneers and other restorative projects, our technicians can create custom shades that match your teeth perfectly on-site during your appointment! 

Furthermore, we value your comfort. We offer our patients a speedy denture repair service while they wait on-site. If you need an emergency tooth extraction--fear not--we won't leave you toothless! To prevent discomfort, our lab can fabricate a flipper (temporary denture) on the same day.

Pediatric Dentistry | Coming Soon

Even though our dentists are equipped and experienced in treating children, we believe our kids should be seen by the best doctors available to meet their needs. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and join our newsletter here to find out more about our incoming addition to the team!