Everyone wants to flash a smile of glistening white teeth. With professional in-office whitening, this is easier to achieve than ever before!

Our Zoom!, KöR, and GLO (new) Whitening technology can correct discoloration from staining caused by foods, beverages, aging, or other sources, without impacting the surface of your teeth. It is the most safe, un-invasive method available to visibly change your smile in just one visit. 

Why is it Better to Get Professional Whitening?

Over-the-counter whitening kits boast the benefit of in-home comfort, but they also offer significant drawbacks. For instance, they either include weaker bleaching agents that require many weeks of application (whereas in-office whitening has instant results), or their bleaching agents are on the stronger side but lack the necessary precautions to avoid affecting your gums.

Another important aspect of professional whitening at Alfa Dental is customized care. Whitening is not for everyone. Before you decide that whitening is right for you, our dentists will offer an examination and consultation to review any risks that might arise based on your individual case. Under our care, you will be informed about whether your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening, as well as whether your particular instance of discoloration can be improved. Additionally, if the cause of discoloration is an underlying condition that requires further treatment, dental supervision will ensure quicker intervention and fewer problems down the road.

We understand that life is full of exciting moments, and we want to give you a brighter, whiter smile with which to celebrate them!


NEW!! GLO Whitening technology offers a pain-free, one-visit teeth lightening, with a complete take-home kit that can help you take control of your white smile. Benefits of GLO:

• NO-sensitivity
• NO-trays
• Take-home lamp and whitening kit for an extended color difference